some thoughts from the fine folk with whom I have had the pleasure of shooting... “Clare seems to find a way of capturing those tiny candid moments that hide between the moments that most photographers find. She wiggles into intimate space, without any feeling of intrusion. A master of telling the story... like it really is!”

- Vanessa Lowndes, mother of Sarah
“As a photographer myself I find that I have many photos of my husband and daughter but very few of all of us together so on a recent trip to Cape Town I booked a family shoot with Clare. We chose a beach setting to create a natural, relaxed environment and Clare was fun and unobtrusive. We all thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and absolutely love the photographs, many of which are now in canvas form on our bedroom wall. Thanks for doing a great job Clare!”

-	Jacqui Whyte, Professional Photographer, mother of Jess and loved wife of Daniel

“Clare was both professional and friendly in her approach to our shoot, ensuring I felt comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera at all times, whilst all the while feeling I was in a professional pair of hands. She was also extremely efficient in turning the pics around within a matter of days so I couldn’t really have asked for more!”

- Matt Morley, editor of VV magazine
"Being shot by Clare was a laugh. She was like a breeze that blew around me clicking and cracking jokes. She's an ideas-person and that's what you got to be. She has what you need in life : ideas and energy. I was very happy with my portrait."

- Ed Suter, Public Interest Writer of the Year 2008 image (to remember)
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